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Ham Links

With some half-million licensed operators in the United States, the interests of individuals in the overall opportunities offered by amateur radio vary widely. As a result, there are numerous organizations dedicated to fostering interests and skills in various aspects of the service. Below are links to a few of the ones in which I am a life or long-term member.


The American Radio Relay League is the largest membership organization of amateur radio operators in the United States and is viewed informally as the U.S. national amateur organization. It conducts an extensive program of services for members and for the amateur community as a whole, including a wide range of educational activities. The ARRL WWW site contains a wealth of amateur radio and membership information.


The Radio Society of Great Britain is the UK national amateur radio organization, with information and links to information that are useful world-wide.


The Quarter Century Wireless Association serves the "old timers" of amateur radio in numerous ways. QCWA celebrated its own 50th anniversay in 1997. If you have been a ham for 25 years or more, consider joining.

10-10 International

10-10 International is devoted to the responsible and active use of the 10-meter amateur band world-wide. There are over 100 local chapters throughout the United States and the world.


QRP ARCI is the oldest U.S.-based organization devoted exclusively to encouraging the use of low power (5 watts CW, 10 watts P.E.P SSB or lower) on the amateur bands. Its programs include educational and operating activities for all interested amateurs, from the very new to the oldest old timer. QRP operators do perhaps more home brewing (building) of station equipment than almost any other segment of the amateur radio population.


FISTS is an international organization of radio amateurs dedicated to preserving and encouraging radio communications via CW (Morse Code).

Very Special Amateur Radio Sites

The Courage Handi-Ham System

Handi-Hams is devoted making amateur radio accessible to those with physical disabilities and sensory impairment.

Morse 2000 (web.archive.org)

The Morse 2000 group is dedicated to exchanging information on the use of Morse code as an interface between handicapped individuals and such items as computers. Its work involves both experts on code and experts on enabling the disabled.

Other Amateur Radio Sites with Many Links

The AC6V Link Site

A general Amateur Radio site, with many links to all facets of hamming.

The eHam Net

A very large site with search facilities for almost everything an amateur radio operator might be interest in. The site has over 2500 links to related sites, as well as equipment review, opinions, and a store of useful information.

Exploring Amateur Radio by N9AVG (web.archive.org)

This Amateur Radio site has over 500 links to all aspects of hamming, along with many articles of interest.

Books and Periodicals

As an educational service to amateurs--especially those interested in QRP--I maintain lists of periodicals and books ranging from beginner volumes to engineering texts. The lists are updated as new materials become available.


Books on Electronics Projects and Operating

Books on Antennas



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