Electronics Books

Electronics Books of Interest to QRP Enthusiasts           Version 1.2
                                                       August 20, 1996
Compiled by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

Contents:  This file contains basic information on electronics books
of especial interest to QRP enthusiasts.  It lists QRP Operating,
Technique, and History Books; Basic Project Books; Advanced Design and
Text Books; and General Reference Works. These listings provide
something for the beginner through the advanced QRP enthusiast and for
both operators, and designer-builders.

Except for certain basic reference works, the list does NOT include
standard, general interest amateur radio books.  There are many such
works that will be of interest to the QRP enthusiast.  However, some
limit has had to be imposed upon the list to keep it within useful
boundaries.  For this same reason, books on antennas are not included
in this listing:  the number of antenna books of interest to QRP
enthusiasts is too large.

Periodicals of interest to QRP enthusiasts and antenna books of
interest to QRP enthusiasts will be found in separate listings.

Each entry in this book list provides the following information:
author, title, publisher, year of publication, cost, ISBN #, numbers
of pages, and a brief description of the contents.

Special thanks go to DL8MFQ, WA8MCQ, AK0B, W6EMD, N2CX, KC4EWT, N3LSB,
and WA6AHL for their assistance in compiling this list.

The individual items in this list are believed to be reasonably
complete and accurate as of the date of this notice.  Corrections and
additions may be e-mailed to me at the listed address.  I shall be
pleased to add to the list any publication omitted if it is of high
interest to QRP operators and builders.  And, of course, I shall be
pleased to correct any errors and update the information listed.

Permission to reproduce this list is hereby granted on condition that
a full reference to its source is included.

Good reading, good building, and good operating to you.

                                          L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

                 Books of Interest to QRP Enthusiasts

              QRP Operating, Technique, and History Books

Author:        Adrian Weiss, W0RSP
Title:         History of QRP in the U.S., 1924-1960
Publisher:     Milliwatt Books (526 N. Dakota, Vermillion, SD 57069)
Year:          1987
Cost:          $15.00 (includes 1st class postage)
ISBN #:        0-9614139-1-3
Pages:         200
Contents:      A rigorous but personalized history of QRP by a
               professional historian and longtime QRPer, with
               extensive extracts from the original records published
               in QST and elsewhere.

Author:        Adrian Weiss, W0RSP
Title:         The Joy of QRP
Publisher:     Milliwatt Books
Year:          1984
Cost:          (out of print)
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         151
Contents:      An informal overview of QRP that emphasizes operating,
               but with a few projects; considered a classic.

Author:        Dave Ingram, K4TWJ
Title:         How to Get Started in QRP
Publisher:     National Amateur Radio Association (NARA)
               (P.O. Box 598, Redmond, WA  98073)
Year:          1992
Cost:          $9.95
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         131
Contents:      A beginners guide to QRP, touching on operating,
               commercial and home brew gear, accessories, antennas,
               VHF/UHF QRP, battery and "natural" power.

Author:        Brad Wells, KR7L
Title:         Your QRP Operating Companion
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1992
Cost:          $6.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-376-2
Pages:         96
Contents:      An introduction to QRP operating, including ragchewing,
               DXing, and contesting, with lists of QRP clubs and
               organizations, as well as net and calling frequencies.

Author:        Richard Arland, K7YHA
Title:         Low Power Communications, Vol. 1
Publisher:     Tiare Publications
               (P.O. Box 493, Lake Geneva, WI 53147)
Year:          1992
Cost:          $14.95
ISBN #:        0-936653-33-7
Pages:         93
Contents:      A basic book on QRP, focusing on the newcomer to the
               QRP arena, helping him/her get off on the right foot;
               includes lots of the author's personal philosophy.

Author:        Richard Arland, K7YHA, Ed.
Title:         Low Power Communications, Vol. 2
Publisher:     Tiare Publications
Year:          1994
Cost:          $19.95
ISBN #:        0-936653-53-1
Pages:         130
Contents:      A more advanced volume featuring many top names in the
               QRP hobby (AA2U, N4BP, WB8VGE, etc.) telling how they
               pursue various facets of QRP, such as DXing,
               contesting, DXpeditions, antennas, satellites,
               milli/microwatting, and solar power.

Author:        Richard Arland, K7YHA
Title:         Low Power Communications, Vol. 3
Publisher:     Tiare Publications
Year:          1995
Cost:          $14.94
ISBN #:        0-936653-66-3
Pages:         95
Contents:      Devoted to equipment evaluations:  commercial, kit,
               new, used; how to buy used gear; also includes software
               and antennas.  Author warns:  "this book is extremely
               opinionated."  (Vol. 1, 2, & 3 may be available as a
               set from the publisher.)

Author:        Dick Pascoe, G0BPS
Title:         Introducing QRP:  An Introduction to the History and
               Skills of Low Power Operating in the UK
Publisher:     R. A. Pascoe
Year:          1996
Cost:          $8.00
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         84
Contents:      A succinct introduction to the history of QRP, the
               basic equipment for QRP, and the operating techniques
               needed for QRP.  Available in the US from Kanga, USA

                          Basic Project Books

Author:        Joel Kleinman, N1BKE, and Zack Lau, KH6CP/1, Editors
Title:         QRP Power
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1996
Cost:          $12.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-561-7
Pages:         175
Contents:      "The best recent QRP articles from QST, QEX, and the
               ARRL Handbook."  Designed to update QRP Classics for
               the 1990s, with chapters on QRP operating, construction
               practices, tranceivers, receivers, and accessories.

Author:        Paul Harden, NA5N
Title:         The Electronic Data Book for Homebrewers and QRPers
Publisher:     Five Watt Press
Year:          1996
Cost:          $20.00
ISBN #:        0-913945-57-9
Pages:         150
Contents:      QRP rig circuit analysis, component specification
               sheets, QRP operating aids, and QRP rig lab tests. Also
               includes the QRP Yellow Pages, by Rich High, W0HEP

Author:        Doug DeMaw, W1FB
Title:         W1FB's QRP Notebook, 2nd Ed.
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1991
Cost:          $10.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-365-7
Pages:         179
Contents:      Construction projects for QRP transmitters, receivers,
               and accessories; most projects have circuit boards

Author:        Doug DeMaw, W1FB
Title:         W1FB's Design Notebook:  Practical Circuits for
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1990
Cost:          $10.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-320-7
Pages:         198
Contents:      Practical circuits that use readily available
               components and hand tools.

Author:        Bob Schetgen, KU7G, Ed.
Title:         QRP Classics
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1990
Cost:          $12.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-316-9
Pages:         274
Contents:      QRP projects from ARRL publications of the 15 years
               preceding publication of this book; transmitters,
               receivers, transceivers, accessories, most easy to
               build.  Later printings include a design omitted in
               first printing.

Author:        Dave Ingram, K4TWJ
Title:         Golden Classics of Yesteryear:  A Super Collection of
               Rigs, Circuits, and Keys from Amateur Radio's Romantic
Publisher:     MFJ
Year:          ---
Cost:          $9.95
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         60
Contents:      Combines QRP and classic radio interests; schematics
               and construction details for QRP and QRO TX and RX from
               the 20s to the 50s with emphasis on historical accuracy
               and fun.

Author:        Doug DeMaw, W1FB, & Jay Rusgrove, W1VD, Eds.
Title:         Solid State Basics for the Radio Amateur
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1978
Cost:          (out of print; check local libraries)
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         160
Contents:      A short course in semiconductors with practical
               projects for radio amateurs, with chapters on receiver
               and transmitters circuits, as well as basic linear and
               digital IC information.

Author:        Michael Bryce, WB8VGE, Editor
Title:         The HW-8 Handbook
Publisher:     (Available from Kanga USA, Bill Kelsey, N8ET, 3521
               Spring Lake Drive, Findlay, OH 45840)
Year:          1991
Cost:          $11.00
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         56
Contents:      A compilation of articles and modifications for the
               Heathkit HW-7, HW-8, and HW-9 transceivers.

Author:        Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV, Ed.
Title:         G-QRP Club Circuit Handbook
Publisher:     RSGB (Available from Kanga USA)
Year:          1983
Cost:          $12.00
ISBN #:        1-872309-00-3
Pages:         ---
Contents:      A compilation of QRP circuits from the pages of SPRAT
               from 1974-1982; considered a classic.

Author:        Drew Diamond, VK3XU
Title:         Radio Projects for the Amateur
Publisher:     RSGB
Year:          1995
Cost:          $12.00
ISBN #:        0-646-24547-3
Pages:         130
Contents:      30 chapters of projects and techniques for the QRP
               builder from the Australian point of view, but with
               parts available almost anywhere.

Author:        Ed Noll, W3QFJ
Title:         Solid State QRP Projects
Publisher:     MFJ
Year:          ---
Cost:          $12.95
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         ---
Contents:      52 QRP projects using transistors, FETs, and ICs
               without requiring extensive electronics knowledge.

Author:        Phillippe Bajcik
Title:         Reussir ses recepteurs toutes frequences (Successful
               receivers at all frequencies)
Publisher:     ---
Year:          1994
Cost:          145 French Francs
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         ---
Contents:      A combination of fundamental theory and construction
               projects that lean heavily on ICs such as the NE602/4/5
               and the MC3362.

                    Advanced Design and Text Books

Author:        Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, & Doug DeMaw, W1FB
Title:         Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1986 (originally, 1977)
Cost:          $15.00
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         256
Contents:      Advanced fundamentals of solid state design for RF
               circuitry needed for transmitters, receivers, and
               allied accessory and control circuits.

Author:        Wes Hayward, W7ZOI
Title:         Introduction to Radio Frequency Design
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1994
Cost:          $30.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-492-0
Pages:         383
Contents:      Fundamental methods of RF circuit design combining math
               and intuitive methods for practical applications.  ARRL
               reprint of this 1982 Prentice-Hall publication includes
               software for solving various design problems.

Author:        Chris Bowick
Title:         RF Circuit Design
Publisher:     Sams
Year:          1982
Cost:          $22.95
ISBN #:        0-672-21868-2
Pages:         176
Contents:      Practical advanced approaches to the design of RF
               amplifiers, impedance matching networks, and filters,
               including Smith chart techniques.

Author:        Doug DeMaw
Title:         Practical RF Design Manual
Publisher:     Prentice-Hall
Year:          1982
Cost:          ---
ISBN #:        0-13-693754-3
Pages:         ---
Contents:      A systematic treatment of designing practical RF solid
               state circuits

Author:        Krauss
Title:         Solid State Radio Engineering
Publisher:     Bostian, Raab, Wiley
Year:          1980
Cost:          ---
ISBN #:        0-471-03018-X
Pages:         ---
Contents:      Considered a very good design book for RF solid state

Author:        Ulrich L. Rhode & T. T. N. Bucher
Title:         Communications Receivers:  Principles and Design
Publisher:     McGraw-Hill
Year:          1988
Cost:          $59.50
ISBN #:        0-07-053570-1
Pages:         583
Contents:      Comprehensive engineering of receiver systems, their
               characteristics, and their stages, including coupling,
               amplification, mixing, frequency control, demodulation,
               and accessory circuits.

Author:        Doug DeMaw
Title:         Ferromagnetic Core Design & Application Handbook
Publisher:     Prentice-Hall
Year:          1981
Cost:          (out of print)
ISBN #:        0-13-314088-1
Pages:         256
Contents:      Fundamental information on core and inductors using
               ferrites and powdered iron mixes; rumors of reprint

Author:        Jerry Sevick, W2FMI
Title:         Transmission Line Transformers, 2nd Ed.
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1990
Cost:          $20.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-296-0
Pages:         247
Contents:      The fundamental textbook on the theory, design, and
               construction of transmission line transformers.

Author:        Jerry Sevick, W2FMI
Title:         Building and Using Baluns and Ununs
Publisher:     CQ Communications
Year:          1994
Cost:          $19.95
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         ---
Contents:      Construction and application of practical transmission
               line transformers based on a series of articles in CQ.

Author:        Anatol I Zverev
Title:         Handbook of Filter Synthesis
Publisher:     Wiley
Year:          1967
Cost:          ca $100.00
ISBN #:        0-471-98680-1
Pages:         ---
Contents:      Considered the basic text on filter synthesis.

Author:        Williams & Taylor
Title:         Electronic Filter Design Handbook (LC, Active, and
               Digital Filters), 2nd Ed.
Publisher:     McGraw-Hill
Year:          1988
Cost:          ---
ISBN #:        0-07-070434-1
Pages:         ---
Contents:      A modern network theory approach to filter design
               covering a wide variety of filter types.

                        General Reference Works

Author:        Many:  Bob Schetgen, KU7G, General Editor
Title:         The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs
Publisher:     ARRL
Year:          1995
Cost:          $30.00
ISBN #:        0-87259-172-7
Pages:         1200+
Contents:      A comprehensive reference ranging from basic electronic
               ideas through advanced amateur techniques; includes
               over 1000 drawings and photos, with many reference
               tables and charts; revised annually; completely
               rewritten for 1995

Author:        William I. Orr, W6SAI
Title:         Radio Handbook, 23rd Ed.
Publisher:     Sams
Year:          1987
Cost:          $39.95
ISBN #:        0-672-22424-0
Pages:         600+
Contents:      A basic reference (and successor to the Jones Handbook)
               of longstanding reputation on most facets of radio
               electronics for amateurs.

Author:        RSGB
Title:         Radio Communication Handbook
Publisher:     RSGB
Year:          1982
Cost:          $35.00
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         600+
Contents:      The respected British counterpart of US handbooks for
               radio amateurs containing broad coverage from basic
               concepts to practical circuits.

Author:        Frederick E. Terman
Title:         Radio Engineers' Handbook
Publisher:     McGraw-Hill
Year:          1943
Cost:          (out of print; see library or used book stores)
ISBN #:        ---
Pages:         1019
Contents:      "Essential theory, standards, practice, and data for
               the radio and electronics engineer;" a classic of

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