Periodicals of Interest to QRP Enthusiasts                 Version 2.0
                                                          July 1, 1999
Compiled by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

Contents:  This file contains basic information on periodicals of
especial interest to QRP enthusiasts.  It lists club-sponsored and
subscription periodicals that are of wide interest to QRPers
world-wide and that are readily available.

NOT included are standard, general interest amateur radio journals,
such as QST, CQ, Communications Quarterly, 73, RADCOM, and others from
all over the world.  Although these journals often contain articles of
interest to QRP enthusiasts, they are too well known to require space
here.  World Radio and FISTs have regular QRP columns.

Electronics books and antenna books of interest to QRP enthusiasts
will be found in two separate listings.

Each entry in this list providess the following information:  journal
name, issues per year, source, cost per year, basis of subscription,
average pages per issue, subscription or membership address, a brief
description of the usual contents, and special notes.

This list is believed to be reasonably complete and accurate as of the
date of this notice.  Corrections and additions may be e-mailed to me
at the listed address.  I shall be pleased to add to the list any
publication omitted if it is of high interest to QRP operators and
builders.  And, of course, I shall be pleased to correct any errors
and update the information listed.

Permission to reproduce this list is hereby granted on condition that
a full reference to its source is included.

Good reading, good building, and good operating to you.

                                                    L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

                        Periodicals of Interest to QRP Enthusiasts

1.    Name:        QRP Quarterly                    Issues per year:   4
      Source:      QRP ARCI                         Cost:        $15.00 US*
      Basis:       Membership                       Pages:        60+/issue
      Address:     Ken Evans, W4DU (Treasurer)
                   848 Valbrook Court
                   Lilburn, GA 30047  USA
      Contents:    Construction (circuits, antennas, modifications,
                   test equipment, etc.), equipment and accessories
                   reviews, shop and building tips ("Idea Exchange,"
                   WA8MCQ), operating, award, editorial views and QRP
                   philosophy, contest dates and results, and member
                   news (KI6SN); Editor Ron Stark, KU7Y
      Notes:       *$18/yr VE; $20/yr DX; 8.5x11 format

2.    Name:        SPRAT                            Issues per year:   4
      Source:      G-QRP Club                       Cost:        $14.00 US*
      Basis:       Membership                       Pages:         44/issue
      Address:     *Bill Kelsey, N8ET; Kanga US
                   3521 Spring Lake Drive
                   Findlay, OH 45840  USA
      Contents:    Ed. George Dobbs, G3RJV; 60% construction each issue
                   (circuits, antennas, test equipment, etc., both basic
                   and advanced, with some pcb layouts) from many
                   different countries; award, operating, contest, G-
                   novice, SSB, VHF, and member columns and news
      Notes:       *Membership/subscription dues to be sent according
                   to country of residence; see list of clubs for
                   information on non-US costs and addresses; SPRAT =
                   "Small Powered Radio Amateur Transmitter", 5.75x8.5

3.    Name:        QRPp                             Issues per year:   4
      Source:      NORCAL                           Cost:         $15.00 US
      Basis:       Membership                       Pages:      64-84/issue
      Address:     The QRP Club of Northern California
                   Jim Cates, WA6GER
                   3241 Eastwood Road
                   Sacramento, CA 95821  USA
      Contents:    Ed. Doug Hendricks, KI6DS; over 20 articles per issue,
                   mostly devoted to technical and construction topics
                   including new designs, conversions, improvements, and
                   modifications, featuring NORCAL club projects, with a
                   member profile and some operating features.
      Notes:       $15/yr US and VE; $20/yr DX (air mail delivery);
                   mailing schedule:  March, June, Sept, Dec.; Make
                   subscription checks payable to Jim Cates, not NORCAL;
                   5.75x8.5; bound past volumes available.

4.    Name:        Low Down                         Issues per year:  6
      Source:      Colorado QRP Club                Cost:        $15.00 US
      Basis:       Membership*                      Pages:     32-36/issue
      Address:     Rich High, W0HEP (Editor)*
                   740 Galena Street
                   Aurora, CO 80010-3922  USA
                   FAX: 303-344-0741   e-mail:
      Contents:    Technical articles; rig profiles and other
                   equipment reviews; overseas QRP operating features;
                   club member profiles ("Check-Ins"); CQC contest news,
                   rules, and forms; QRP philosophy and views; regular
                   antenna column (Antennas From the Ground Up)
      Notes:       $20/yr DX; 5.75x8.5
                   *Send memberships and renewals to this address:
                     Colorado QRP Club
                     P.O. Box 371883
                     Denver, CO 80237-1883

5.    Name:        The Five-Watter (T5W)            Issues per year:   4
      Source:      Michigan QRP Club                Cost:        $ 7.00 US*
      Basis:       Membership                       Pages:         20/issue
      Address:     Editor: Tom Arvo, WA8DXD
                   P.O. Box 2550
                   Goldenrod, FL  32733-2550
      Contents:    A mix of club, operating, building, and antenna
      Notes:       *New memberships:  $7.00 US/VE, $12 DX; renewal dues
                   $5.00 US/VE, $10 DX; Size 5.75x8.5
                   Membership and renewal address:
                     654 Georgia Avenue
                     Marysville, MI  48040

6.    Name:        Lo-Key                           Issues per year:  4
      Source:      CW Operators QRP Club (VK)  Cost              $14.00 A*
      Basis:       Mem/Subscription                 Pages:        32/issue
      Address:     Kevin Zietz, VK5AKZ
                   41 Tobruk Avenue
                   St. Marys, SA 5042
      Contents:    Ed. Don Callow, VK5AIL; Two to three construction
                   articles/issue, including advanced ideas,
                   equipment modifications, keyers, etc. (some with parts
                   kits available); awards, contest, and net program news.
      Notes:       *VK price $10/yr; ZL $12/yr; dx S14/yr:  N8ET will
                   accept subscription money at Dayton and forward in
                   order to assist with currency conversion.  5.75x8.5

7.    Name:        QRP Report                       Issues per year:   4
      Source:      DL-QRP-AG                        Cost:        $20.00 US*
      Basis:       Membership/Subscription          Pages:      32-48/issue
      Address:     Peter Zenker, DL2FI
                   12161 Berlin
      Contents:    Numerous construction articles, equipment reviews, and
                   other technical topics of interest to QRPers.  Many short
                   articles and small projects, plus a complete transceiver
                   in almost every issue.  Most projects are available as kits
                   from DL-QRP-AG.  Edited by Matthias Rauhut, DF2OF
      Notes:       Format:  7.75x8.25".  *Yearly subscription 20 DM in Germany

8.    Name:        OK QRP INFO                      Issues per year:   4
      Source:      OK (Czech) QRP Club              Cost:        $10.00 US*
      Basis:       Membership                       Pages:         35/issue
      Address:     Petr Doudra OK1CZ  (IN:
                   U 1. baterie 1
                   16200 Praha (Prague)
                   Czech Republic
      Contents:    Several construction articles (up to 8 brief ones),
                   most with English translations; also general interest
                   reports on QRP activities
      Notes:       *Cost/yr:  15 IRCs; GBP 5.00; US$ 10.00; DM 15;

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