Dream Beams

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

A number of years ago, I did a small presentation called "dream beams." Since that time, I have had occasion to refine some of the designs, and so I thought that making the notes available to a wider audience might be enjoyable for some-if for no other purpose than to dream on a cold winter's night. The premise of the exercise is simple. Suppose that we have room for only one tower in a suburban back yard. Our options for very large upper HF multi-band beams are somewhat restricted by current practice. Essentially, we have three types of beams from which to choose: LPDAs, quads, and Yagis. These idealistic notes will look at all three possibilities in as large a size as will fit into our simple backyard where space is limited, but dream dollars are not.

For each design that we consider, I shall present a considerable amount of design data in tabular and graphical form. In the context of a mere dream antenna, the data may be a bit of an overload. However, it does represent the complete data picture that is part of another dream that I have. Perhaps someday, all beam-makers will provide equivalent information to their potential customers.

The notes come in 2 parts, as the titles below reveal. The format is PDF. Therefore, after downloading a document, you will have to hit the "Back" button on the browser in order to return here to access the second document. Then you return here once more to go back to the main index of articles at the site.

Dream Beams: Part 1: LPDAs and Quads

Dream Beams: Part 2: Forward-Stagger and Interlaced Yagis

Happy Dreaming!

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