I Want to Build a 3-Element Yagi

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

There are many sources of information on how to construct a 3-element Yagi. Some articles are even geared to the builder's first major construction effort with aluminum tubing and associated clamps and hardware. Most of these otherwise fine articles tend to offer a stock design for the 3-element Yagi. They end up giving the new Yagi-user very little information about the electrical design decisions involved in selecting the right 3-element Yagi for one's home station.

This series of articles, which first appeared in antenneX, is not so much about construction as it is about electrical design. They focus on monoband Yagis so that the data can be clear and relatively precise. Multiband Yagis are advanced design exercises and best left, at the beginning, to the professional designers.

There are a number of questions the prospective Yagi builder needs to ask himself or herself. Each of the articles attempts to answer one of them--not exhaustively, but at least thoroughly enough to permit you to make intelligent decisions.

Here are the questions we shall tackle.

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