Articles from Communications Quarterly
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

Because I have received numerous requests for reprints, I am placing at the site revised versions of the most substantial articles (listed below) that have been printed in Communications Quarterly at least 2 years past (1997 and before). Because of limitations in the reproduction process, the scanned figures may be less than optimal. However, the main text and equations have been converted into HTML and .GIF from my manuscripts. A few characters that do not readily convert from one program to another may turn up missing, and I shall reinsert them as I discover them.

I have taken the occasion to add to the texts references to notes at this site that carry on discussions and investigations begun in these studies. Hence, everything is incomplete. Despite these limitations, I hope some of the articles are useful to you. (* items have not yet been converted and appear in page .GIF form.)

"The Effects of Antenna Height on Other Antenna Properties: A Computer Study," Communications Quarterly (Fall, 1992), 57-79. See Magazines Page.

"Modeling and Understanding Small Beams:"

A number of the ideas in these articles have been updated with further information that appears in other notes at this site. For example, there are updates on the Moxon Rectangle, EDZ antennas, ZL Specials and other phased 2-element beams, and quad beams. Therefore, the articles above should be read as initial studies, not as finished, final, or authoritative treatises.

You may also note some changes along the way. When I began my modeling efforts, MININEC was the only readily available software. It was followed by NEC-2 and finally NEC-4. Likewise, my initial TurboCAD-for-DOS sketches have slowly evolved into drawings that used a more advanced Windows version of the program. Graphs started in Quattro-Pro-for-DOS have also evolved through version 7 for Windows. However, if you can bear the evolution of computer tools as well as antenna information, there may still be a useful item or two in the collection.

Updated 7-25-99. © L. B. Cebik, W4RNL. Data may be used for personal purposes, but may not be reproduced for publication in print or any other medium without permission of the author.

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