VOACAP Type-13 Files for Amateur Band Antennas
Sample Azimuth Patterns

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

To provide some idea of the anticipated azimuth pattern shape for the antennas included in the type-13 collections, the following plots may be useful. Elevation patterns vary for each combination of height, frequency, and other variables and are therefore impractical to present. These azimuth patterns are simply an aid to matching your antenna type to the nearest monoband antenna collection. All beam patterns within a collection have the same shape, with some small variations in the rearward patterns due to differences in height above ground as measured in wavelengths.

Horizontal Arrays

Monoband Yagis

Monoband Quads

Moxon Rectangle

2-Element Phased Array (or 2-Element Driver-Director Yagi)

2-Element Bi-Directional W8JK Flat-Top with 1 wavelength elements and 1/2 wavelength spacing

2-Element Bi-Directional W8JK Flat-Top with 1 wavelength elements and 1/4 wavelength spacing

Collinear Array with 2 wavelength total length (4 1/2 wavelength sections with phasing sections)

Bi-Square Array with 4 1/2 wavelength legs

Multi-Band W8JK Array with 1.25-wl elements and 0.625-wl spacing at highest frequency

Multi-Band Lazy-H Array with 1.25-wl elements and 0.625-wl spacing at highest frequency

Vertical Arrays

(images for this section are missing)

Basic Vertical Monopoles and Dipoles (All azimuth patterns are omni-directional.)

Ground-mounted 1/4-wl monopoles



Ground-mounted 1/2-wl monopoles



Elevated monopoles with 4 attached radials at 20' (80-10 meters)


Vertical dipoles with 0.05-wl base heights (160-10 meters)



Multi-band vertical doublet 44' center-fed, 5' above ground (30-10 meters)


Self-Contained Vertically Polarized Arrays

Note: SCV patterns include sample elevation and azimuth patterns, but use with caution. Gain and elevation values change with the frequency, the base height above ground, and the quality of ground below the antenna.

Half Square

Bobtail Curtain

Equilateral Delta Loop

Right-Angle Delta Loop

Side-Fed Rectangular Loop

5-Element Bruce Array

Phased Vertical-Element Arrays

2 In-Phase Monopoles, Broadside Pattern

3 In-Phase Monopoles, Broadside Pattern

2 Phased In-Line Monopoles

2 In-Phase Dipoles, Broadside Pattern

3 In-Phase Dipoles, Broadside Pattern

2 Phased In-Line Dipoles

Triangle of 3 Monopoles with 2 Parasitic Reflectors

Triangle of 3 Dipoles with 2 Parasitic Reflectors

4-Square Array

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