Model Planning Form

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

I have received numerous requests for the model planning form that I put together many years ago when first getting involved in antenna modeling. It is a convenient form that has proven useful over time for basic modeling activities that involve wires, loads, and sources as the primary elements. It allowed me to keep track of the ingredients that I placed in models, and also helped me troubleshoot models that did not seem to work as expected.

As a service to newer modelers, I am making the forms available in two modes: as a Word document and as a PDF document. You may view the PDF version on the screen to ensure that it is something you can use. However,, I suspect that ultimately, you may develop an impreoved version that best suits you individual needs. Each form has a front and back side, although many models will require only the first page.

To access the PDF version go to planning-form.pdf.

To download the Word version, go to planning-form.doc.

Good luck in your modeling ventures.

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