Antenna Modeling Aids

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

Antenna modeling via method-of-moments and related software has become a major part of antenna design and analysis activity at every level of effort, from amateur radio to professional research and engineering. Although software is widely available, education in the effective use of these computer aids has been lacking. Part of my effort to remedy this difficulty has included a monthly column in antenneX called simply Antenna Modeling.

To further assist antenna modelers, I have prepared some other materials which are available from commercial sources. The list of links below will more fully describe each item and provide additional links to places where the items may be obtained.

Basic Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial.

A sizable volume of 21 chapters introducing antenna modeling in NEC-2. Written to accompany the Nittany-Scientific NEC-Win Plus software implementation of NEC-2, the principles of modeling presented by the book are nonetheless perfectly general. The book is designed to be used in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from self-study to short-courses and seminars to formal college classroom instruction in antenna modeling. Accompanying the book is a disk of antenna models for the 150+ exercises to give the user detailed hands-on experience and guidance in model construction for a wide variety of antennas. The title link provides further information on the book, as well as a link to Nittany-Scientific for pricing and ordering.

Intermediate Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial

Provides over 450 pages of illustrated text and about 300 exercise models and variants as a means of introducing virtually the entire command sets of both NEC-2 and NEC-4. The self-study course is designed for use in conjunction with advanced software packages. The major division are The Geometry Commands; Far-Field and General Control Commands; and Special Outputs, Control Commands, and Techniques.

Exercise Models in EZNEC and NEC Format

Some modelers may wish to use Basic Antenna Modeling with EZNEC software, which uses a proprietary format for model files. Therefore, I have prepared a disk of the exercise files in the .EZ format. The disk contains all 150+ exercises, with variants used in the exercises, for a total of over 350 model files. The disk may also be used as a sampling of some of the many types of MF to UHF antennas that one may model with NEC-2. The title link provides fuller information on the disk, including a link to the source of purchase and a partial list of the models included.

Basic Modeling & Model Testing

Common Modeling Techniques, Limitations, and Work-Arounds

Practical Antenna Modeling

~ NEC-2
~ Modeling Preparations
~ Basic Antenna Models
~ NEC Output Data
~ Careful Model Construction
~ Convergence Testing
~ Frequency Specification
~ Source Types and Placement
~ Tapered-Diameter Elements
~ Geometry Limitations
~ Grounds and Applications
~ Resistive Loads
~ Reactive Loads
~ Transmission Lines
~ Monopoles and Ground Planes
~ Vertically Polarized Antennas and Arrays
~ Bi-directional Wire Arrays
~ Yagis
~ Horizontal Parasitic and Phased Arrays
~ VHF/UHF Antennas
~ Special Structures

Plus APPENDIXSome Useful Data for Antenna Modelers (missing)

Models for Antenna Modelers in .EZ and .NEC Formats: 2nd Edition

There has been a need for exemplary models for newer antenna modelers to use to gain experience. As well, experienced modelers have no wish to reinvent models already in existence. To serve both groups, I have gleaned--from my accumulation of over 4000 models--sets of models that may serve as a foundation for modelers to build upon. Each set in the second edition consists of over 100 models focused around a central antenna category. The available sets (which contain the same models in both .EZ and .NEC formats) are these:

The title link provides fuller information on the content of each set and a download link at the bottom of the page.

Antenna Modeling Programs - more information about modeling software (Updated 2024 - NEC5 info, NEC-Win downloads).

Random Models - 2803 models, some of these appear to have been used in website articles (Added 2024 from ON5AU site).

Antenna Modeling Books - A listing of more than a dozen books in PDF format (some include zipped model sets) by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL.

Updated 12-25-2007.

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