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About L. B. Cebik W4RNL

Cebik was well known in the ham radio community and maintained a website with a vast collection of articles on antenna design and modeling. He wrote numerous articles about antennas and antenna modeling in most U.S. amateur radio magazines, regular columns, and over a dozen books.

Cebik passed away in April 2008, the notices published by ARRL and QCWA contain more information.

Why Maintain This?

Cebik's website was a treasure trove of information one could spend hours exploring, reading, and learning from.

The original Cebik website disappeared at some point, along with the antenneX site around 2017 which offered for purchase various books and modeling file sets that were referenced throughout the website.

Marcel De Canck ON5AU (SK) made available a copy of Cebik's website, some books, and magazine articles at www.on5au.be. Marcel also wrote several books including Advanced Antenna Modeling, and was close friends with John Devoldere ON4UN (SK) who wrote ON4UN's Low Band DXing Book. For anyone interested in these subjects they are both well worth getting.

Regrettably Marcel also became silent key in October 2023. Not knowing what might happen with Marcel's website I made a snapshot of it, and started looking at the Cebik Pages..

Updates / Edits

The version of Cebik's site hosted here is derived from what Marcel had hosted.

There were two versions - one appears to be from an antenneX CDROM mostly as-is, and another with different index pages. This one is the antenneX version as it was the most original, with additional and missing content merged into it to create the most up-to-date version possible.

The Cebik website style and layout is very dated by today's standards, it appears most of the pages were created with HTMLed Pro which dates back to the 90s, some from Word documents, and others possibly written by hand in a text editor.

Updates include:

To do:

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Feedback or suggestions are welcome, please contact Lonney K1LH at lonney@gmail.com.


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